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Our turf and flooring solutions are designed to be safe for you and the environment, easy to use and maintain, and to suit your lifestyle – and your pocket. Give new life to your life to your lawn with the natural look and feel of our turf. Create safe environments for children to enjoy their playtime, inside or outside. Protect your floors with our decorative flooring options. Whatever the flooring solution that you need, Lifestyle Turf and Play can create the solution to suit your unique requirements.  

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Our Products

Our products are created for your safety, pleasure and are easy to maintain. We adhere to the safety standards for your well-being. Below are some of the products and service we provide. Our products comes in different colours to suit and enhance the mood and creativity for those using it for various activities such a children, young adults, office and residential.
 Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We are here for you.

Alternative Lawn 

Give new life to your life to your lawn with the natural look and feel of our eco-friendly turf. Low maintenance, pet and child friendly. No watering. Water is becoming a scarce resource  

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Safe, durable, affordable, neat and easy to maintain. Our products are designed to provide an impact absorbing and slip-resistant surface. Our product meets the SANS 51177:2010. 

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Sport Facility 

Rubber flooring is know to assist in reducing impact on joints whilst exercising and reduces hardness of the floor. The use of rubber is beneficial in several exercises such as weight lifting.

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Residential and 
commercial surface

Decorative rubber flooring is becoming more common in homes, it is soft and durable. Combine style and durability with green efficiency add style to your office. Consider the environment.

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Our Promise To Our Customers

In an industry that feels like it has become stagnant, Lifestyle Turf and Play takes great pride in the many new initiatives that we have, and will continue enhancing the industry and bringing it back to life. 
We offer our professional services countrywide, making us one of the largest manufacturers of alternative flooring solutions in South Africa.    
Lifestyle Turf and Play is dedicated both to the environment and to the community. We commit ourselves to the recycling of redundant tyres in the manufacture of our high-quality products. We are proud to part of Community Upliftment and the development of our youth through our Young Steps Initiative, allowing large businesses and corporations to sponsor fun, safe and interactive playgrounds for schools and parks. 
We are committed to strong business ethics, honesty and integrity, building long term relations with our customers and meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. We are leaders in our industry and show pride in all that we do

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