Services and Products

Alternative Lawn Solutions

Give new life to your life to your lawn with the natural look and feel of our eco-friendly turf. Low maintenance, pet and child-friendly. No watering. Water is becoming a scarce resource

Playground surface solutions and play equipment

Safe, durable, affordable, neat and easy to maintain. Our products are designed to provide an impact absorbing and slip-resistant surface. Our product meets the SANS 51177:2010. (The South African Determination of Critical Fall Hight Standards)

Equestrian and stables flooring solutions

Cushion flooring for animals. Our product is made from non-slippery materials and is easy to clean, this offers a hygienic and cost-effective solution. Our flooring has a significant noise reduction – no more horseshoe knocking loudly on the stable floors.

Industrial flooring solution

The rubber flooring solution for industrial comes in different thickness, width, length and colour. Rubber flooring has many benefits such as durability, sound insulation, low maintenance and can be customised to meet your needs.


Residential flooring solution

Home rubber flooring is gaining popularity as a residential surface that covers a variety of interior and exterior surface. This rubber flooring has a soft feel and comfortable to stand and safe for everyone. You can add colour to your home.

Ballistic Flooring

Rubber products we use is ideal for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. This rubber can prevent bullet skips, ricochet reduction

Corporate decorative Flooring

Enhance the office mood and inspire the employees with the unique elegant decorative flooring

Other flooring solutions

Anti-slip matting – Yachts/boats/ wheelchair ramps)
Bakkie mats
Swimming pool surrounds
Sporting surface solutions